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Response Piece to Research Paper

This section of the assignment focuses on key reflections and observations.

Planning and research phase of assignment:

When brainstorming ideas for this paper I came up with several research topics. The topic I decided to explore further was how wellness instructors connect with corporate clients via LinkedIn. The reason I chose this topic was because I could then apply my findings to my own business. However, when I began conducting secondary research on this, it became obvious that this topic was already heavily researched by others. I wanted to provide new primary research that potentially could help other wellness instructors. I hit a number of road blocks along the way. For example, the topic itself was too broad. There were many different forms of wellness; financial wellness, emotional, physical and social, to name a few. I decided to narrow down my research, look at a specific type of wellness and aim to offer valuable material to future employers instead.

This led me on to conducting primary research on how by practising meditation and mindfulness, employees can potentially improve their mental wellbeing.

Survey and digital portfolio reflections:

The meditation survey I conducted was successful, with a high number of respondents. By asking open-ended questions, I was able to obtain qualitative data, which I presented in the form of a slideshow. One drawback of asking open-ending questions was that there were varied answers and it was extremely time consuming to review this information.

The online digital portfolio as created using a free account on WordPress. I was surprised at how easy it was to set up the site. The template I used was specifically designed for digital portfolios so there were easy step-by-step instructions on how to customize the template to suit my assignment. This was very convenient and saved time. The site I created was clear, simple and easy to navigate through. However, to add additional features and customizations to the site I would need to switch from a free to a paid account. For example, I would have liked to increase the width of the page for the blog posts. This customization was not available on the dashboard when using a free account. The other option was to edit the html, which I also did not have access to. As a digital marketer, I will be producing more content in the form of blog posts, therefore, in the future, I will most likely use the paid version.

Overall, I am happy with the research paper and the online digital portfolio.

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