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Mental health benefits of meditating within the workplace

After conducting my secondary research for this project, I realised, there can be significant amounts of stress and anxiety put upon workers. This can result in the worker feeling unmotivated to do their job and not reach their full potential within an organisation. A wellness program could immensely improve their mental wellbeing, however most companies see wellness as a costly luxury for their workers. They do not see how these intrinsic skills could actual benefit the business. A major benefit of introducing wellness programs into the workplace is that it can teach employees to better manage stress.


For the purpose of my primary research for this project, I focus on a specific type of wellness, meditation and mindfulness. There is an abundance of studies and research papers available online that prove through practising meditation daily, a person can decrease stress levels in the body. My intention is to collect first hand experiences from those who practise meditation and mindfulness daily and how ask them how if they’ve noticed any improvement in their mental health as a result.

A survey was chosen as the preferred primary method of research for this paper. Alternatively, I could have used interviews and focus groups, however I found I had gathered sufficient qualitative date by using the survey.

The survey itself did have a number of limitations. One limitation was there was a short amount of time to carry out the study and conduct analysis on the results. There were many open ended questions, therefore the answers were based on personal experiences which could not be quantified.

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