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Feedback from Meditation Survey

The results from the survey were very promising and in line with what I discovered from my secondary research. Each respondent felt that meditation positively impacted their mental health in some way and reduced stress levels and anxiety. The open-ended questions were particularly insightful as it gave respondents opportunity to present their personal experiences in a non-structured way. I’ve complied the key findings from the survey below, for reference.

This information will be useful to have as reassurance to corporate clients on the importance of wellness programs and the ability of meditation to reduce stress and anxiety levels.

Question: How long do you meditate on a typical day?

All respondents answered 30 mins or less

Question: How did you start meditating?

The three most common answers included; yoga, yoga teacher training, advice from a friend and self-education books.

Question: Why did you start meditating?

Question (MCQ): What are some of the changes you’ve noticed since you started meditating?

Please see the bar graph for this question. 60-72% of participants answered the below:

  1. Better emotional health (60.74%)

  2. Stress reduction (67.44%)

  3. Developed positive feelings towards oneself and others (67.44%).

  4. Enhanced self-awareness (72.09%).

  5. Overall improvement in mental and emotional health (72.09%)

Question: Describe how you feel when you are meditating?

Final Question: Would you recommend meditation to others?

All respondents answered YES they would.

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