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Conclusions and Recommendations for Assignment

Meditation has been found to improve mental health and wellness in numerous different studies. Good meditators experience deep peace within themselves and with the world around them. Meditation is rooted in a set of traditional tools for changing emotional states, such as stress and anxiety.

The aim of this research was to highlight the need for wellness within the corporate environment. The secondary research, ‘The Future of Wellness at Work, what to expect?’ highlights how workers face economic insecurity, they are growing older and less healthy and they are stressed, unhappy, and uneven unsafe at work.

The concept of workplace wellness can be broadly defined as programs and initiatives that improve the health of employees. These initiatives are designed for employees themselves or for their dependents.

One popular form of wellness is meditation. Studies have shown that by practising on a daily basis, it can positively impact an individual’s mental wellbeing.

The purpose of the meditation survey was to collect qualitative data from meditation practitioners. Their first hand experience was invaluable and similar to the research I gathered through secondary research. When approaching corporate clients for business, I will present my findings from this research as reassurance that this wellness will benefit their employee’s wellbeing.

To further explore this type of wellness, I create additional blog posts that will provide useful, practical meditation tips and techniques. It will explore how employees can also practise meditation whenever they feel stress or anxious at work and need to keep calm and relaxed.

For this assignment, in order to showcase my work, I had to create an online digital portfolio. The platform I decided to use was WordPress. The layout of the website is clear, simple and easy to navigate. The header ‘DBS assignment’ brought the user to a page that contained all the necessary sections for this assignment, in a tiled format. When a user clicked on a tile, it would redirect them to another page which listed blog posts relating to that tile. The blog posts themselves consisted of paragraphs, infographics, images, slideshows and charts.

Overall, I am very happy with the outcomes from this assignment.

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